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Getting Around Nashville by Taxi

How to get around Nashville by Taxi


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Currently there are around a half dozen taxi companies licensed by Transportation Licensing Commission to do business in Metro Nashville and they include; Allied Cab (Nashville Cab), American Music City Taxi, Checker Cab, Diamond Taxi, United Cab and Yellow Cab.

In recent years, there has been an influx of "gypsy" and renegade cab drivers floating around and doing business in the Nashville Area. These gypsy cabbies have no oversight and take away from those who have gone through the proper licensing procedures of the local government entities so please use the locally licensed cabbies. Licensed Cab drivers are normally well-trained, and also pay additional fees to be able to legally drive a taxi in Nashville.

How much does a cab ride in Nashville cost?
Below is a sampling of the average rates and local cab fare prices that you can normally expect to pay, but if in doubt or on a budget make sure to ask the cabbie beforehand.
    $3.00 - Passenger Pick-up
    $2.00 - Each additional 1 mile
    $1.00 - Per Extra Person
    $7.00 - Per Airport Departure
    $25.00 - Flat rate from airport to downtown zone

What this all means is that most all meters will begin at $3 and for every additional mile driven you will be charged $2. You can also add an extra dollar to your total for each additional passenger. Folks coming from Nashville International Airport to downtown (or back) will pay a flat regulated fee of $25, then again you need to ask if only to ensure that you are not dealing with one of Nashville's renegade taxi drivers.

How to lodge a complaint
If you have a complaint that you would like to make about a local cab service there is a procedure in place within the local government to do so. You can file these complaints, in writing, to the Transportation Licensing Commission by email, fax or snail mail.

"Complaints (by the public or regulated individuals or companies) regarding taxicabs, wreckers or other functions of the Transportation Licensing Commission must be filed in writing by the complainant. Any one wishing to file a complaint may do so by letter, fax or e-mail. Upon request, a complaint form will be mailed.
Complaints must be returned to the Commission office at least 14 days prior to a Commission meeting in order to be considered for the agenda. The Commission reserves the right to hear a complaint which does not meet the 14-day time period."

For more information regarding taxi drivers, policies, procedures and updates please visit the Transportation Licensing Commission online.

Locally Licensed Taxi & Cab Companies
  • 1-800-TAXICAB Nashville
    (615) 420-7078
    (800) 829-4222

  • Allied Cab (Nashville Cab, Kennedy Cab)
    (615) 883-2323
    (615) 244-7433
    (615) 885-7661
    (615) 242-7070

  • American Music City Taxi
    (615) 865-4100
    (615) 742-3030

  • Checker Cab
    (615) 256-7000

  • Diamond Taxi
    (615) 254-6596

  • United Cab
    (615) 228-6969
    (615) 399-6700
    (615) 399-6660

  • Yellow Cab Metro
    (615) 256-0101

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