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radius10 Review

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radius10 Review
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The Bottom Line

I found the radius10 staff to be very attentive, knowledgeable, and helpful. As for the food, well, it was an emotional experience and one that will definitely entertain all of your senses to the fullest. Chef Jason Brumm has created an incredible dining venue that offers one of the best dining experiences to be found in Nashville and one that is sure to enthrall local Nashvillians.

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  • Incredible Chef & Cooking Staff
  • Extensive Wine List
  • Attentive Service


  • Reservations Requested
  • Not Especially Child Friendly


  • Upscale Dining
  • Medium to High-Priced
  • Local Independent Restaurant

Guide Review - radius10 Review

Over the last few years I've heard some great things not only about radius10, but about it's owner Jason Brumm as well, so I decided to pop in unannounced one afternoon at radius10 when I knew that Jason was occupied elsewhere.
Some might call this a bit underhanded, but honestly, I don't think there's a better way to truly critique some places other than to do so when the "boss is away." So, after a brief late afternoon stop downtown to make sure that the owner of radious10, was still preoccupied with the CMAfest "Fiesta Celebrity Grilling Challenge", I made my exit to radius10.

radius10 is nestled in between Broadway and Demonbreun just across the Demonbreun Bridge and it offers a wonderful view of the Union Station Hotel and Cummings Station. The interior decor is highlighted with, cold colors that include; whites, blacks and grays. This took me back a bit as I tend to find myself attracted to cozier places rather than the more urban decors. Although, when the first course arrived, it brought with it an explosion of radiant colors and I realized that the entire focus of radius10 is not only on the taste and flavor of the food but also in the presentation.

I found myself eagerly anticipating each course from the "Chef's Tasting Menu"($40) as I knew that it would not only be bringing me a new radiant piece of art to enjoy but also plenty of delectable treats to tempt my palate. For wine, I chose a 2005 German Resling, Von Schleinitz Koberner Weisenberg, which would not have been the most perfect choice for many as it tends to be a lush and more textural wine.

Chef's Tasting Menu
Heirloom Tomato Salad
(smoked salt, fresh mozzarella, basil puree)

Low country Shrimp & Scallops
(w/creamy grits, roasted corn, forest mushrooms & asparagus ragout)

Strawberry Shortcake
(Tennessee strawberries, lemon pound cake & sweet vanilla mascarpone)

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