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Aquarium Restaurant Review

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Aquarium Restaurant Review

Aquarium Restaurant Broiled Seafood Platter

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The Bottom Line

Normally there will be a long wait at the Aquarium Restaurant but it's well worth waiting for with its great seafood offerings and wonderful visual displays in its 200,000 gallon aquarium full of tropical fish.


  • Superb Seafood
  • Extremely Child Friendly
  • Great Visual Atmosphere


  • Long Wait for Seating


  • Seafood Cuisine
  • Moderately Priced
  • Casual Dining

Guide Review - Aquarium Restaurant Review

Aquarium Restaurant is located in Opry Mills Mall and offers a wondrous 200,000 aquarium within its walls.

Today, I took one of my children along with me, on a Saturday evening, to help review the Aquarium with me.
The wait was over an hour long, but alas they have even taken care of that little dining annoyance with the Stingray Reef located next door, where for a mere $5 per child you can visit it all day and ride a carousal too. It doesn't get better than this!

On our visit we had the Captains Broiled Platter and a Kid's Fried Fish meal. I also noticed that they run a Thursday special when Kid's meals are only 1.99 w/adult entree purchase.
I was amazed at the Captains Broiled Platter as it had the largest and most tastiest scallops that I've ever seen or eaten away from any coastline.
We had the Key Lime Pie and Make your own Sundae for dessert. The Sundae was a big hit with the little one and the Key Lime Pie was zesty.

All of the food was incredibly fresh, well presented and cooked to perfection and well-worth every minute of waiting time that we experienced.

How did the little one rate it?
The little one says "I rate it at 100 starfish".

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