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Pizza Hut Delivers the grade with "Book It" Program

Pizza Hut fails to deliver in the customer service department


On the side of a Pizza Hut pizza box you can find these words:
"Reading as a family activity is a great way to bring a family closer and develop great reading skills in school age children".

Pizza Hut lives up to those words every year with their free annual Book It Program.

Twenty years ago, Pizza Hut created the Book It, a national reading incentive program for elementary kids (k-6) and it's been a great success ever since. The Book It Program usually runs every year from October thru March and offers the opportunity for children to be rewarded for their reading efforts.

So How does Book It work?
1. Elementary Schools apply annually to the Book It program (don't forget Home-schools can apply too)

2. After receiving the materials the children have to read a certain number of books each month to receive their incentive Award Certificate for-a free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza.

3. The child then takes the Certificate to a Pizza Hut restaurant and he or she will be congratulated. (On the first visit, the child also receives a Book It! card and a sticker)

4. On each visit thereafter, the child is again congratulated and given another Personal Pan Pizza and another sticker to recognize reading achievement.

5. Once the child has received all six stickers they will be rewarded, by the restaurant, with a Book It! All-Star Reader medallion.

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