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Tie Breaker Family Aquatic Center is located just 45 minutes north of Nashville and is normally open from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend.

This Local Water Park is on the smaller side but offers a ton of fun for the kids that includes an interactive water playground, a relaxing river drift area, and two thrill filled water slides. Inflated floats are free on a first come first served basis and as with most water park adventures, one can expect a water break every fifteen minutes or so for safety reasons.

We recommend this park for families with children up to 13 years-old as the water, at its deepest, is less than four foot deep.

Address: 9503 Eagle Way Bypass
Phone: 270-890-0730
Website: www.tiebreakerpark.com
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Copyright Jan DukeTie Breaker Interactive Water Play Area and Water SlidesCopyright Jan DukeTie Breaker Lounge AreaCopyright Jan DukeTie Breaker River Raft AreaCopyright Jan DukeTie Breaker Entrance & Snack Bar Area
Copyright Jan DukeTie Breaker Party Table AreaCopyright Jan DukeTie Breaker Water Slides & Water BasketballCopyright Jan DukeTie Breaker Interactive Water Play Area
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