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Moving to Nashville


Moving to Nashville
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Question: Moving to Nashville
I am 24 yrs old and have an opportunity to move to Nashville for work. I was wondering what are the best places to live for someone who is used to fast-paced northeast living but still wants to experience a new place and make great new friends?
Answer: Hi,
I would suggest living near Vanderbilt University, the pace is slower in Nashville but it's still a super friendly town.
I waited at least a week, and received the weakest answer possible. I am basing my move to Nashville on the information i collect and it was evident that Jan had better things to do than give me an in depth answer that took into consideration the difficulty of moving 1000 mile away; away from friends family and everything I have known since birth. in short, i couldn't have been more dissatisfied or more disappointed in you. moreover it seems ridiculous that a one sentence answer took a week... your service is weak.

Hi, Yes, I agree my answer was brief..and the only defense I have is to let you know that I had a family emergency to deal with so I managed as best I could with the limited free time that I had...Sorry, to let you down.

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Jan Duke

Updated: 8/14/2011

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