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Walking Tour Map and Parking


Walking Tour Map and Parking
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Question: Walking Tour Map and Parking
We're planning a trip through Nashville for two days and we plan to do some sightseeing. I noticed your walking tour on line and wondered if there is a map of the tour. Sounds like the kind of thing a small group can do to see some of the city.
We will be staying just outside the city (airport area), can you recommend a place to park in the city close to the walking tour locations that you described?
Answer: I don't have a map of our Lower Broadway Walking Tour, but you can get a free one (thou different from ours) from the Metropolitan Historical Commission.
I've listed their contact information below.

I would also recommend going on one of the tours that SeeMusicCity.com offers, they are a local company and are just plain nice people too. They offer about 5 different downtown walking tours.

Parking...Oh My, it can be tough any downtown city, it's so confusing to people that I actually wrote an article about it here:
Nashville Parking 101
Here is a linkthat has a map of some of the parking available with prices too.
I normally park at the Library Garage it's located at 6th and Commerce.

*For free brochure contact:
Metropolitan Historical Commission
3000 Granny White Pike
Nashville, TN 37204-2901

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Jan Duke

Updated: 1/23/2010

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