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Nashville Star Auditions - News and Updates about Nashville Star Auditions


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Nashville Star Auditions

Question: Nashville Star Auditions - News and Updates about Nashville Star Auditions
I'm wanting to find out about auditioning for Nashville Star... Problem is, I can't find a website that gives any information on when the next Nashville Star Auditions are? Could you maybe help me find out more about how to audition for Nashville Star? I'm looking for the places to sign up and audition for the Nashville Star and well, I'm hoping that you may be able to help.
Answer: Every year when they announce the auditions for Nashville Star, they announce the information several months, about three, before Nashville Star airs.
The Nashville Star auditions are held across the country, but be forewarned that once they announce the Nashville Star auditions, they will be kicking off soon, like in a few week's time.
Here is a link to our prior coverage and information on Nashville Star (the first 6 seasons).
You can also get a lot of the information about Nashville Star at USA Network (on their Nashville Star Message Board) and also on their official website at NashvilleStar.com

I've compiled a list of some of the my favorite Nashville Star Websites. These are the ones that I like the best!
I hope this helps, but remember that rules, dates, times and networks may change every year, and if you plan on entering the contest you MUST have the latest entry form.

If you have any questions or if you want to update or add to any of my current information, please feel free to e-mail me anytime!
Please please don't email me asking me for current updates- I will post them here as soon as I receive them.
Jan Duke

Updates: My "sources" are telling me that there is a high possibility that there will not be another season of Nashville Star at least on NBC. Although, if you're thinking about auditioning for Nashville Star, I would be on the look out for audition announcements just in case as the 2008 announcement was made in mid-January. The last Nashville Star auditions were held in 2008. There were no auditions or show in 2009, nor 2010, or 2012 and there has been no announcement for 2012 as of yet.
Last Updated: 3/19/2012

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