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Nashville Schools & Education

Nashville Education Resources including information on Preschool, Kindergarten through Highschool, Public and Private, Homeschooling, Adult Learning, Colleges, Scholarships and much more.
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Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools - Five Point Grade Scale
Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools announced in the summer of 2012 that they would begin using a new 5-Point Grading Scale for high schools beginning in the 2012-2013 school year.

Tennessee Sales Tax Holiday
Tennessee General Assembly passed Public Chapter 398 which established an annual sales tax holiday beginning in August 2006. This holiday is held twice a year, once in August and once again in early Spring.

Middle Tennessee School Districts
Already it's back to school time in Middle Tennessee. The summer went by so fast. Now it's time to get ready for the 1st day of school. Find out when your child goes back to school, what supplies they need, and what they need to wear. Get a head start and find out what you, as a parent, need to do, to get ready for this school year.

Nashville's Top Rated Colleges & Universities
Planning to attend a local Middle Tennessee College or University in the near future? If so, we've gathered up a list of the Top Colleges & Universities to be found in the Nashville Area.

Nashville Public School Clusters
An Overview and Visual look at each of the School Clusters in the Metro Nashville Public Schools including information on what schools feed into which and more.

School Fees in Tennessee: Requested or Required
Public Schools in Tennessee schools may request school fees, but no student may be required to pay a fee for activities and supplies required to participate in all courses offered for credit or grade if taken for credit in accordance with local board policies.

School Fees in Middle Tennessee
It's time to go back to school in Nashville and in the Middle Tennessee region. Find out when your child goes back to school in Nashville, what school supplies students need, what Nashville students need to wear to school, and what Nashville parents can do to prepare for this school year in Nashville and the Middle Tennessee region.

School Fees in East & West Tennessee
A comparison of school fee policies in the East and West Tennessee School Districts to see how their school fee policy compared to Middle Tennessee School District policies. The School Fee Policy varied across the entire state from the prominent posting of the new policy to still mandating school fees.

Tennessee State Symbols
A Visual Look at some of Tennessee's State Symbols.

Nashville Mayor’s First Day Festival
The Annual Mayor’s First Day Festival was started by former Nashville Mayor, Bill Purcell to help celebrate the beginning of the new school year. The concept has been a total success because an average of 20,000 local children and their families partake in this annual event every year. The festivities normally includes plenty of free educational...

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