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Nashville Bowling Centers & Alleys

Nashville Bowling Centers - Bowling in Nashville


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There are over a dozen public Bowling Alleys located in Nashville and their offerings include everything from Cosmic Bowling to Pro-shops. The atmosphere in each of these alleys will differ widely from state of the art bowling lanes to retro 50's; with each having it's own unique features and characteristics. Nashville offers it all.

Below are just a few highlights of the wide array of Nashville Bowling Alleys.

AMF Pla-Mor Lanes is located right outside Downtown Nashville, down the street from 100 Oaks Mall. It has had a number of corporate owners since the death of its original colorful owner, PeeWee. This bowling alley has been a favorite hangout to many stars over the years such as Dukes of Hazard, Tom Wopat and prior to his death, Webb Pierce was seen there on a weekly basis, visiting friends and having coffee, as was Nick Gulas, head of the National Wrestling Alliance's, who bowled on a league there for many years.

  • Pla-Mor
    2906 Foster Creighton Dr-Nashville
    Phone: (615) 254-5809
Hermitage Lanes is located 20 minutes from Downtown Nashville and is a newer center, although it has recently undergone a massive renovation. Since it's inception about ten years ago, Hermitage Lanes has drawn the serious league bowlers in from the Nashville area. It is host to the Legends Bar & Grill, a full service restaurant that offers a live band, multiple Big Screen TV's as well as Darts and Billiards. Some of the best Bowling Birthday Parties, for kids, are held here in their well-designed party room, adjacent to the huge game room.
  • Hermitage Lanes
    3436 Lebanon Pike-Hermitage
    Phone: (615) 883-8900
Hillwood Strike and Spare is the newest center to open in Nashville. The building that once housed a Kmart store was transformed into a family-oriented entertainment facility literally over night. Larry Schmittou, the former owner of the Nashville Sounds owns this center along with five other bowling alleys in the Nashville area. This bowling facility has filled the serious void in the West Nashville area bowling community.
  • Hillwood Strike and Spare
    3710 Old Hickory Blvd.-Nashville
    Phone: (615)-425-2695
Dave & Busters- is an explosion of entertainment located in Nashville's shopping haven; Opry Mills. Although it doesn't offer leagues, this establishment is a must see and do experience. Dave & Busters can accommodate parties for up to 3000 people. It offers 9 billiard tables, 12 bowling lanes (cosmic style), a massive game room, 3 Bars and 2 full restaurants. It is located in Opry Mills Mall and within walking distance of the Grand Ole Opry.
  • Dave & Busters
    Opry Mills Mall-Nashville
    Phone: (615) 514-1200
Melrose Bowling Lanes -was one of the oldest operating public bowling alleys in Nashville, maintained its Retro Charm over the years until it closed in 2006 to move to it's new location in Antioch. It is known for hosting a great many parties for the country stars and their fan clubs around the CMAfest in June.
  • Melrose Bowling Lanes - New Location in 2006
    12966 Old Hickory Blvd.-Antioch
    Phone: (615) 641-6136
Skyline Lanes is out of the way, located in Clarksville, Tennessee. This is a must see stroll down memory lane. It is located in an old feed mill that looks somewhat like an airplane hanger. It has maintained all of its originality from the old metal masking units, to the above lane ball returns, to its manual scoring. Thankfully the residents of Clarksville frequent it enough to maintain its existence.
  • Skyline Lanes
    201 Kraft St-Clarksville
    Phone: (931) 645-2456
Tusculum Bowling Lanes is a local favorite of the serious league bowlers in South Nashville. Owned for generations; by the Pope family. It has recently undergone major renovations. It's pro-shop was made locally famous by Bobby Nipper, now retired. In years past Mr. Nipper would have people lined-up out his doorway on a regular basis, waiting to receive his professionally unchallenged drilling services. All of the best local bowling storytelling took place in this pro-shop.
  • Tusculum Bowling Lanes
    5315 Nolensville Pike-Nashville
    Phone: (615) 833-2881
Cumberland Lanes was located right off of I-24 in south Nashville and run by the Brunswick Corporation, until several years ago, when the owners of Tusculum Lanes, the Pope Family, bought it. Cumberland Lanes has always been known as a family oriented bowling center. Some of its employees have worked there since it's opening, around 20 years ago.
  • Cumberland Lanes - Closed in 2010
    3930 Apache Trail-Nashville
    Phone: (615) 834-4693
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