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Top Gay Bars in Nashville

Gay Bars in Nashville


From Drag Shows to State-of-the-Art Dance Clubs and Show Bars, come with us as we find the best of Nashville's hottest GLBT Clubs, Pubs, Bars and local Gayborhood Favorites.


Copyright Jan Duke
© Jan Duke

Club Blu opened its doors in 2004, but its location is not new to the GLTG community as it is the former home to Jaded Marys and The Worlds End. Blu sits in the heart of the Church Street Gay district. This club is a scorcher and offers an incredible sound system and plenty of dancing including urban, and hip-hop to satisfy its ever growing African American crowd.
Location: 1713 Church Street
Phone: 615-329-3838

Blue Genes 37203

Blue Genes sits right next door to Blu but dont be surprised when you find out that the two are miles apart in style and atmosphere. Blue Genes, which opened in 2006, is a pub style setting and offers the standard pool table and dartboards as well as a small stage suited for acoustical sets and karaoke. Blue Genes is the place to go after work or if you are looking for a nice casual evening without pretense.
Location: 1715 Church Street
Phone: 615-329-3509

Canvas Lounge

Canvas Lounge focuses on making the customer feel special! The ambiance is second to none. With all the funky colors and decor along with the great music, it's hard not to relax and inhale all the good vibes swirling around.
Location: 1707 Church Street
Phone: 615-320-8656

The Lipstick Lounge

The rich deep red walls lined with art are ones first indication that this is no ordinary GLTG hangout. This club, opened in 2002, in the eclectic East Nashville neighborhood and has been crowded every since. The lounge is, for the most part, casual dress and is geared more towards the female crowd. The Lipstick Lounge offers a real sociable and hip climate with plenty of dancing, and other entertainment too.
Location: 1400 Woodland Street
Phone: 615-226-6343

Play Dance Bar

Copyright Jan Duke
© Jan Duke
Play Dance Bar, the name says it all. Play offers everything from drag shows to even a theatrical production or two. The huge dance floor lends itself to plenty of really hot and sweaty dancing with one of the best sounds to be found in the Gayborhood.
Location: 1519 Church Street
Phone: 615-322-9627

Purple Heys

Copyright Jan Duke
© Jan Duke
Purple Heys, formally TCs Triangle, offers a super casual and relaxed atmosphere more suited for happy hour than a wild night on the town. This is more of a local hangout than a nightclub yet it attracts a Cheers type of crowd with plenty of regulars and casual fun.
Location: 1401 4th Avenue South
Phone: 615-242-8131

Stirrup Nashville

Opening in the summer of 2008, Stirrup offers plenty of good clean fun. This gayborhood bar (21 & up) features a game room, a large private deck, and is open 365 days a year. Location: 1529 4th Ave. South
Phone: 615-782-0043


Copyright Jan Duke
© Jan Duke
Known as Big City Hot...Nashville Friendly, the Tribe is a casual music video bar that offers a streaming supply of music at levels that actually promote good conversation and mingling. The decor throughout is elegant yet simple which adds to its trendy flavor and style. Dining is also provided by its adjoining restaurant, Red, which offers an array of food that, is just as trendy and inline as the rest of this venue.
Location: 1517 Church Street
Phone: 615-329-2912


Trax offers a more casual sports bar atmosphere with plenty of visual experiences with the many TVs through out, which is great during football season. It also offers pool tables and dart boards for the sportsman in you and if you need to connect more we hear that it even offers wireless internet access.
Location: 1501 2nd Avenue South
Phone: 615-742-8856

The Chute Complex (closed)

Copyright Jan Duke
© Jan Duke
Over the years, The Chute Complex has remained as one of Nashvilles most steadfast GLTG clubs. Located in the Melrose part of town, it is actually several different styled clubs located under one roof so it appeals to just about everyone with names like the Silver Stirrup, Rainbow Room, The Sanctuary, Neons and The Round-up one can't go wrong.
Location: 2535 Franklin Road
Phone: 615-297-4571
Former website:www.chutenashville.com

Devils Jungle (closed)

The Jungle Lounge is Nashvilles oldest gay bar and one that locals wont let die whether it be for nostalgia or good entertainment. It has been located at several different locations since its opening in 1951 and now it looks like it has merged with DeVils at its 2nd Avenue location and has morphed into DeVils Jungle.
Location: 515 2nd Avenue South
Phone: 615-256-9411

Luckys Garage (closed)

Copyright Jan Duke
© Jan Duke
Just opened, in the late summer of 2006, Luckys Garage is sure to be another hottie club in the midtown gay district. Luckys is located right behind Hustler.
Location: 207 14th Avenue
Phone: 615-329-1383

If I've overlooked a local Nashville favorite or if you need me to update, add to, or change it, please feel free to contact me anytime!
Jan Duke

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