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Nashville's 2013 Halloween Events & Fall Fun

Haunted Houses - Ghost Tours - Pumpkin Patches - Corn Mazes - Autumn Foliage


From September into early November, Nashville offers tons of festive opportunities during the Autumn and Halloween Season. There is an unlimited supply of Haunted Houses, Ghostly Tours, Pumpkin Patches, Fall Foliage Hikes, and Corn Mazes to be found and explored in the Middle Tennessee Area.

A Listing of 2013 Nashville Halloween and Autumn Events happening this year during the month of October.

All Events are listed in the following order:
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Last Updated - 10/25/2013

October Annual Event Guide

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Take a tour through our listing of the Best & Most Well-liked Annual Events that take place in and around Nashville every year in the month of October.

Nashville Event Calendar - October

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Nashville has a never ending supply of world class entertainment that's sure to please anyone and an absolute ton of Things to Do and See in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.
Browse through our Nashville Event Calendar to find out what's currently happening in and around Nashville this month.

Nashville's Best Haunted Houses

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There is an unlimited supply of Ghoulish and Ghostly Events and Happenings for everyone in Nashville to enjoy during the month of October and we have gathered up some of best haunted houses that Nashville has to offer.

Nashville's Best Ghosts Tours

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If you're into more than just going to a Haunted House or Corn Maze this Halloween Season, never fear because there are plenty more places you can hope to catch a glimpse of your local ghost in Middle Tennessee.

Nashville's Amazing Corn Mazes

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Adventure into some of the Amazing Corn Mazes to be found in Nashville and Middle Tennessee with plenty of twists and turns around every corner and tons of family fun to be had this autumn.

9/7 Sacred Nashville: A Walking Tour Of Mount Olivet Cemetery

Sacred Nashville: A Walking Tour Of Mount Olivet Cemetery, Est. 1856 September 7, 2013 10:00am til 11:30am $25 per person Mount Olivet Cemetery is a powerful sacred site located two miles from downtown Nashville. On the National Register of Historical Places, many Civil War officers, soldiers and famous Nashvillians are interred here. Come hear fascinating facts and folklore surrounding them and why they left their final mark on this Earth in such a grand display of marble, stone and mystery, Learn how to recognize the signs and sensations of a natural sacred site and how man made structures harness the energies and enhance them. Practice connecting to the Earth in a conscious way to promote well being and reverence for life. Discover Why Millions Visit Sacred Sites Around The World! Learn the language of ancient symbols and sacred geometry and why the Freemasons of Nashville built specific structures to harness energy.

9/21 Living History Tour of Nashville City Cemetery

The Living History Tour of Nashville City Cemetery focuses on the people whose lives were disrupted by the Union army's occupation of the city from 1862 to 1865. The tours, which usually last approximately one hour, will normally commence at around 1 p. m. with the last tour set for 5:00 p. m. Nashville City Cemetery is located at Fourth Avenue South and Oak Street in downtown Nashville.

10/4 Here Come the Mummies

The Mummies will be taking their new collection of songs, Cryptic, to the road this fall. According to Java, "Cryptic is sexy, scary, funny, sweet, low-down, and hiked-up baby."

10/4 Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - October 4, 2013 - 8pm - Exit In
Unknown Mortal Orchestra w/ Jackson Scott Emerging from rampant hedonism and desperate isolation is 'II', the new album from Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Behind the cartoonish colour of this collection of soulful, mind-addled psychedelia, lurks the fact that its author, Ruban Nielson, came close to never making it at all. "There were times when I felt that if I continued as I was that I would die, or some other bad thing would happen," he admits, referring to the months following the release of Unknown Mortal Orchestra's eponymous, self-recorded debut in June 2011, and a punishing, debauched touring schedule that would have a lasting affect on the 32-year-old multi-instrumentalist and songwriter.

10/5 Witchfinder General

Movies @ Main gets scary in October! A special ghoulish guest host Dr. Gangrene for the horror cult classic starring Vincent Price, Witchfinder General. In 17th century England, Matthew Hopkins (Price) has been appointed "witchfinder" by Puritan Royalists, and with the help of his thuggish assistant Stearne (Robert Russell), Hopkins travels around, brutally interrogating those accused of witchcraft and using fire, drowning, and torture to extract "confessions" from the accused. Contact: Main Library (615) 862-5852

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