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Chris Young - I Wish I Was Lying

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Chris Young: I wish I was Lying CD

The Bottom Line

Once I listened to Chris's sultry song, "Devils Thumbprint" I was sold on this CD. The song is very reminiscent of a Marty Robbins song, yet it's still Chris's own incredible sound.
With the talent that Chris has, along his love of song and keen business sense; we have no doubt that Chris will soon be ranked as one of Country Music's Greatest Superstars. We are actually scratching our heads, in wonder, as to why it hasn't already happened.


  • New Independent Music
  • All but one of the songs were co-written by the artist
  • Great Production
  • Great Voice, Great Music, A true superstar!


  • Pales slightly in comparison to his debut release
  • But, we still recommend buying all of Chris's Music


  • Three Rounds
  • I Wish I Was Lyin'
  • Where Would I Be
  • Devil's Thumbprint
  • What I Wish I'd Said
  • I Know You're Out There
  • No Heartache
  • Hell No, Heaven Yes
  • See Me Cry
  • He's My Dad

Guide Review - Chris Young - I Wish I Was Lying

This is the first cd I’ve heard of Chris’s, but have heard from several people it was not as good as his first CD, “A Little At a Time”.. I really can’t say as I’ve not heard his first release, but if it was, then his first CD release must have been one spectacular CD.
I love this CD and it has been in my personal collection since it’s release and is played often. I especially love his "He’s My Dad" which is a story about seeing a step-dad like a real dad.
The writing on this CD is superb, with all except one song being written or co-written by Chris.
Chris’s voice is reminiscent of Randy Travis with the deep voice and style. I still occasionally mistake Chris for Randy, who I love, too. "Three Rounds" and "Devil's Thumbprint" are also favorites of mine.

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