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The Grand Ole Opry Plaza Party in Full Swing for the Summer

Featuring :John Arthur Martinez and Matt Lindahl and the Purity Milk Jug Band


Copyright Jan Duke

Matt Lindahl and the Purity Milk Jug Band

Copyright Jan Duke
During the summer, the Grand Ole Opry has plaza parties with free entertainment in the courtyard before and between the Opry shows in the summer months on Friday and Saturday Evenings.

Tonight the entertainment were from two of my favorite performers, John Arthur Martinez and Matt Lindahl.

To start out the party, Matt Lindahl and the Purity Milk Jug Band wowed the crowd with their wonderful style of bluegrass music. You may remember that Matt was the 3rd place contestant on USA Networks Nashville Star television show in 2004.
Matt Lindahl and the Purity Milk Jug Band performed two shows getting a wonderful reception from the audience at both shows. Although he is somewhat of a bluegrass/americana performer now, he did take requests from the audience.
During the 2nd show he recieved a request from a fan listening from Pennsylvania on a cell phone. He performed also "Grampa's Song" and "Jump off the Bridge" which are songs he performed during the Nashville Star show. It was great hearing those old favorites again. Someone then requested "The Curtis Boys" much to my delight. This is my favorite Matt Lindahl song.

Along with the request, the band each took turns singing lead. The harmonies are very close and the musicianship is great! Among the other songs performed were "How Country Girls Can Love", "Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms" among other bluegrass favorites. You can tell the close friendship among these guys. It was wonderful to watch Matt Lindahl and the Purity Milk Jug Band work their magic again. They always give a show that is pure entertainment and pleasure

After Matt and the Purity Milk Jug Band finished, John Arthur Martinez took the stage. He was wearing tailored black western jacket with white designs along with a black cowboy hat and boots.He looked good enough to turnany red-blooded females' head around a few times.
He started his set with "River of Love" which is my favorite JAM(as his fans call him) ballad. When he sang "The Armadillo Song" his feet were flying so fast you couldn't keep an eye on them, much to the crowd delight and cheers.
"Tonight at Fiesta" brought much cheering and whistles from the crowd. He also did his song from last year "Home Made of Stone". Even though the weather did not seem to want to co-operate, John Arthur warmed all of us just by listening to him.
jAm was suppose to sing for only 45 minutes, but he ended up performing for nearly 2 hours, much to everyone's delight. He sang all songs that were requested of him graciously with a smile. You could tell he felt very comfortable, like he was among friends.

Finally he was reminded that he had to save his voice for the Opry and CMAfest, the next day. Much to everyone's dismay, the extended performance ended. Everyone left the plaza humming and singing "Tonight at Fiesta".
This was a wonderful exciting night filled with great music, new friends, and memories.

Article Written & Submitted by Lisa Young

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