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Learn all about Nashville from finding jobs and relocation information, exploring educational institutions, to learning about its history, Nashville lifestyles and daily living to living to taking a visual look at Nashville in one of the many photo galleries that Jan has either taken or compiled over the years. It's all here, everything one would ever want or need to learn about what it's really like in Nashville as well as plenty of ways that you can tell and submit your local Nashville News, Photos Reviews and plenty of other Information to Jan too.
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  3. Tennessee History
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Nashville Photos

© Jan Duke

Nashville Photo Galleries provided by your Nashville About.com guide offers thousands of interesting photos, including Country Music Stars, Nashville Star Photos, Scenic Views of Nashville, Historical Photographs from the Civil war era, and much more.

Nashville History

Courtesy Vanderbilt University Archives

Learn about the history of Nashville Tennessee and how it once was from it's earliest beginnings.

Tennessee History

Photo Courtesy of the Library of Congress

Learn about Tennessee, it's history and people and explore some of the places in and around Nashville that are filled to the brim with local Tennessee History

Civil War in Tennessee

Photo Courtesy Tennessee Department of Tourist Development

The 1860 Presidential election of Abraham Lincoln resulted in seven Southern states almost immediately declaring their secession from the Union. The Civil War began just over a month after Lincoln took office in April of 1861 and by autumn Tennessee saw it's first taste of this bloody war; a war that would tear our state in two and pit family and friends against each other for the next 48 months.

Nashville Lifestyles

© Jan Duke

A glance into Nashville lifestyles and daily living and what it's what really like to live in Nashville. Covering topics, articles, and information on everything from Nashville's Gay Scene to Senior Lifestyles and just about everything in between.

Nashville Transportation

© Jan Duke

Finding your way around any new city is difficult at first, but with the right information on drive times, taxis, traffic, parking and just getting around you can conquer the transportation task with ease.

Nashville Schools

© Jan Duke

Take an Inside Look at Nashville's Public School System that includes information on local public schools, local school zones, neighborhoods, clusters, magnet and optional schools.

Nashville Colleges

Photo Credit: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Take a look at some of Nashville's Best Colleges and more information on the abundant higher learning opportunities in Nashville.

Moving to Nashville

Photo Credit Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Nashville Relocation Information providing information on Nashville Jobs, weather, Homes and much more to aid in your search for the perfect Nashville Neighborhood, Job, and Living Accommodations.

Famous Nashville People

Copyright Photography by Nora

Nashville has tons of Famous Residents from it's past to it's present that includes everyone from Athletes and Country Music Stars to Presidents as well as Gospel & Rock Musicians, Television Stars, to even one of the world's most famous Costume Designer and a Financial Guru.

Nashville Politics

Photo Credit Digital Vision/Getty Images

A look into Nashville's Political Scene that includes local political resources and voter information for Nashville Tennessee.

Tenneesee Law

A look into and at some of the local laws and policies within the state of Tennessee.

Nashville News

Photo Credit Chris Hondros/Getty Images

Nashville News contains links and information on just about every local Newspaper, Publication, Television, Blogs and Website and offers a wealth of current current news pertaining to Nashville and it's surrounding area's.

Best of Nashville

© Jan Duke

Take a look through Jan's Best of Nashville Lists- a yearly listing of the some of the best & most well-liked events, stories, books, tours, and more that took place in and around Nashville.

Nashville FAQ's

© Jan Duke

Need Help? Can't find something? Need to Contact Jan about something pertaining to Nashville? Check here to find just about everything you need from frequently asked questions to site navigation. This is where to go to contact Jan directly too!

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