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Nashville's Rhinestone Couture

Over the decades Nashville has been known for it's country music across the world, and along with Country Music came the world of Rhinestone Couture. Join us as we lead you through the history, works, and journey into Nashville's Rhinestone Couture.
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Rhinestones, Roses and Reflections
“Rhinestones & Roses” reflects the amazing journey from Mexico where Manuel, the original rhinestone cowboy, was born seventy-some years ago to Nashville where he now lives and still works.

Manuel: Nashville's Couture Cowboy
For the last several decades, in Nashville and across the world, he is simply known by the single name of Manuel.His creations are truly a work of art and can be found in museums nationwide, including Metropolitan, the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame,the Smithsonian and the Country Music Hall of Fame. Manuel is an artist in the truest sense of the...

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