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Enjoying Ernest Tubb's Midnight Jamboree

Texas Troubadour Theater


Copyright Jan Duke

Texas Troubadour Theater

Copyright Jan Duke
Ernest Tubb's Midnight Jamboree is the second oldest running radio show in history. It can normally be heard on WSM every Saturday night, starting at midnight, after the Grand Ole Opry. Ernest Tubb's Midnight Jamboree is a radio show and so the performance will always start at precisely midnight. Ernest Tubbs Midnight Jamboree is located in the Music Valley / Opryland Area at the Texas Troubadour Theater located in the strip mall just behind the Nashville Palace.

On the night that we attended, the guest artist was Moe Bandy. Moe has a theater in Branson and seldom comes to Nashville anymore so we were excited to be able to catch this particular show.
Moe performed several selections from his a newest CD as well as performing; "Too Old to Die Young and "Bandy the Rodeo Clown" with the latter being his first #1 in 1974. He finished up his set with "Americana" and a standing ovation.
For those of you that haven't heard "Americana", it is about a trucker getting off the highway and getting sidetracked in a small town in rural America and tells the tale about seeing old men playing checkers, with old glory waving, at the town square.

Most of the guest artists normally stay afterward the show to sign autographs in the Ernest Tubb record shop next door, and tonight, Moe was no exception.
Admission is always free, but make sure to come out early, as they are almost always full. We normally arrive about an hour early to get a good seat in the theater. The first thing that one will notice when entering the theater is that the seats are actually church pews. Refreshments can also be purchased in the front at their ole time snack bar. We found that soda and popcorn both ran at around $3 each.

You can check out the guest lineup at www.ErnestTubb.com and then by clicking on Midnight Jamboree listed in the side panel of links. This show always offers a very enjoyable night of entertainment in Music City USA.

Article Written & Submitted by Lisa Young

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