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Going Green in Nashville

Jumping on the Bandwagon in Middle Tennessee


The "green" trend is sweeping the world, and is bigger than ever in Middle Tennessee since former Vice-President Al Gore won an Oscar for his global-warming documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth," as well as a Nobel Prize. In Tennessee, which has one of the worst environmental records in the country, numerous non-profit organizations and businesses are jumping on the green bandwagon, trying to improve the environment and make the world better for future generations.

Learn Green

Photo Courtesy of Middletngreen.org
The Middle Tennessee Green site is non-for-profit organization that serves the needs of people concerned with Sustainable Living Practices. They also offer programs and opportunities for people to learn more about becoming a Conscious Consumer. No doubt that you can learn about everything Green in Mid-Tn right here!

Living Green

Copyright Jan Duke
© Jan Duke
Greener Nashville is a one-stop Internet resource for sustainable living. Designed for the large number of Middle Tennessee residents who are looking for sustainable resources, the purpose of Greener Nashville is to connect people with the right outlets that provide information about living more sustainable lives. Whether you're interested in saving energy, eating healthy or living green, this Web site is a great resource.

Green Houses

Photo Courtesy of I Want a Better House
I Want a Better House is a one-stop shop that connects the consumer directly to certified energy-efficient products in order to truly build a "green" house and is a leader in the industry. IWABH offers Insulated Concrete Form construction, along with Energy Star windows, geo-thermal HVAC systems, and low-wattage LED lights to build a truly sustainable house. By constructing new homes utilizing this building technology, I Want a Better House assists consumers in saving an average of 65% off their utility bills compared to other houses of the same size. But the best thing about I Want a Better House is that they are a local Middle Tennessee Company!

Local Green

Copyright Jan Duke
© Jan Duke
One of the many facets of the green living movement is the increasing emphasis on buying locally, promoting the effort to help reduce fossil fuel use and emissions from hauling food coast-to-coast. Popular Middle Tennessee locations to buy locally-grown produce include the Farmers' Market on Rosa L. Parks Boulevard in Nashville, and the non-profit Franklin Farmers' Market on Liberty Pike in Franklin. A growing number of places like these around the country are giving local growers a venue to sell their goods while helping green-conscious shoppers put their money where their mouths are.

Green Walkways

Copyright Jan Duke
© Jan Duke
In 1991, Nashville, under Mayor Bredesen, introduced the Greenways Commission to Nashvillians. The commission's sole purpose was to plan and develop a greenway system throughout Davidson County. Three years later Greenways for Nashville, a local non-profit was created to develop, protect, preserve, and promote greenways systems in Nashville. Nashville has created several dozen greenways since 1991, in fact the city is averaging at least one new greenway per year.

Swaddling Green

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Siri Stafford

It may be a little retro (read: nasty) for some, but the green movement is moving American society back about 50 years in one area: baby diapering. Nashville's Smile, Mommy! Diaper Service delivers fresh cloth diapers and picks up and washes soiled ones, the premise being that the use of cloth diapers helps take the pressure off our rapidly-disappearing forests and our fossil fuel supply, while reducing landfill waste that takes hundreds of years to decompose.

Other local Green Diaper Services include Teal Elephant serving Berry Hill/Nashville and Green Pixie Baby serving Murfreesboro/Franklin.

Green Education

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Joe Sohm
Lipscomb University's Institute for Sustainable Practice is promoting and guiding the school, founded in 1891, in its green efforts. The school is using geothermal energy systems for heating and cooling and providing hybrid vehicles for employees to use for university business, and plans to have a solar-powered golf cart available for landscaping and facilities staff soon. Another project in progress at Lipscomb is development of a student-designed biodiesel plant, which will use leftover grease from the dining hall to produce fuel for campus landscaping vehicles.

Serving Green

Photo Courtesy of iHOSPITALITY

iHOSPITALITY is a local Nashville Company who serves up Middle Tennessee with all of their green serving needs including biodegradable tableware (plates, bowls, platters), cutlery & take-out containers. iHOSPITALITY iNC. provides the community with a great alternative to the common Styrofoam and plastic products as well as sustainable fund-raising & online products.

Green Gardens

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Anthony Masterson
Nashville Natives, based west of Nashville in Fairview, is a full-service native plant nursery and environmental restoration company, specializing in restoring and managing native plant communities. The company uses plants of original Tennessee origin with most species propagated from seed collected from remnant populations in Middle Tennessee counties.

Religiously Green

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Rob Melnychuk
Nashville's Thomas Nelson Publishers, one of the world's largest publishers of Bibles as well as both fiction and non-fiction books for the Christian market, has announced its own green initiative. The company has embarked on a plan to reduce paper consumption at least 30% by 2012, as well as to pursue new methods of more accurately predicting and matching its book production with actual consumer demand to reduce paper consumption.

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