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Nashville Lifestyles provides local information on life, living, and lifestyles in Nashville.
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Explore & Learn Nashville
Learn all about Nashville from finding jobs and relocation information, exploring educational institutions, to learning about its history, Nashville lifestyles and daily living to taking a visual look at Nashville in one of the many photo galleries that Jan has compiled over the years. It's all here, everything one would ever want or need to...

Going Green in Nashville
The "green" trend is sweeping across Middle Tennessee, with numerous local non-profit organizations and businesses jumping on the green bandwagon.

Middle Tennessee Voter Registration Information
Whether you're a Republican or Democrat, the word on the street this year in Nashville, Tennessee is Vote! Vote! Vote! Join Nashville.about.com as we venture into the political arena to find the best political resources and information that Nashville has to offer.

Nashville Charities
A local guide to charitable and non-profit organizations in Nashville Tennessee that highlights the top charities that serve Nashville and the Middle Tennessee area including the surrounding counties.

Nashville Dog Parks
While there are over 80 parks located in Davidson County, totaling more than 9000 acres, only three of them currently house dog parks. These include Centennial Park Shelby Park and Warner Park.

Nashville Political Organizations
Whether you're a Republican or Democrat, the word on the streets this year in Nashville, Tennessee is Vote! Venture into the political arena to find the best political resources and information that Nashville has to offer this election year.

Snakes in Tennessee
The Venomous Snakes of Tennessee and tips on how to avoid being bitten and what to do once you have been bitten.

Tennessee Hall Income Tax
While the state of Tennessee does not have the standard state income tax, Tennessee does have an individual income tax known simply as the Hall Tax. This individual income tax, enacted in 1929, is imposed only on individuals and other entities who receive interest from bonds and notes and dividends from stock.

Tennessee's Eminent Domain
Take a look into Tennessee's Eminent Domain Law, it's History, and a local overview of what this law has done and is doing in Nashville. Explore and learn about Tennessee's Largest Eminent Domain Case to how to prevent the Blight in your neighborhood.

Southern Living - Life In the South
Some call it tradition and some call it Southern Charm but whatever you choose to call it, the south has some unique and sometimes quirky qualities that really aren't practiced, taught, or learned anywhere else except in the southern states.

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