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A Country Christmas Fun Facts

Country Christmas at Opryland


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Opryland Conservatory

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One of the best display of Holiday Lights in the country happens right here in Nashville at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center during their annual "A Country Christmas" celebration.

The entire Gayord Opryland Complex literally turns into a Winter Wonderland bustling full of entertainment and activities for everyone. This wonderous is a sight to behold at least once in your lifetime...or more.

"A Country Christmas" normally runs annually from Mid-November thru the first week of January and offers tons of Holiday Fun for the entire family.

So How much Fun is tons of Fun?

A Country Christmas Fun Facts

· Approximately 1 million people visit during Gaylord Opryland's A Country Christmas® each year.

· Over 500 buses carrying approximately 20,000 passengers will visit November through December.

· Their Bell Staff will handle over 100,000 pieces of luggage

· Their Horticulturists started hanging Christmas lights in July.

· Each year they hang outdoor lights on 461 trees and 500 shrubs.

· You'll see 2 million sparkling holiday lights in their outdoor decorations.

· That's 20,000 strings of lights with 100 bulbs each!

· If you place the strings of lights end to end, they would cover 189 miles!

· Their 141 foot tall "Southern Lights" outdoor tree includes 64 strings of lights with over 38,000 lights.

· They use nearly 200,000 lights for their indoor decorations.

· There are 90 light bars in the Garden Conservatory Atrium and 90 light bars in the Cascades Atrium.

· Each bar has 12 strands of lights with 50 lights per strand.

· Add in approximately 5,500 lights on the balloons in the Delta Atrium and Garden Conservatory Atrium and then approximately 50,000 for the lights on the spheres and stars in Cascades Atrium, plus lights on topiaries, trees, etc. and you get to the total of almost 200,000.

· They use 15,000 colorful poinsettias for their indoor decorations.

· Fifteen miles of green garland and 10 miles of hand-tied, red ribbon is used throughout the Gaylord Opryland complex.

· The tallest Christmas tree is in the Delta Atrium and stands at 40 feet tall.

· Some of their Christmas wreaths in the atriums are 14 feet in diameter.

· Over 30 artisans from Harbin, China arrive in October to handcraft almost two million pounds of ice into larger-than-life ice sculptures for ICE!.

· Two, 200 ton water chiller units are used to produce zero degree water to maintain the temperature inside ICE! at a chilly 9 degrees.

· Their culinary team will use:
    · 10,000 lbs of Pork Chops · 8,000 lbs of Chicken · 6,000 lbs of potatoes · 2,500 lbs of Acorn Squash · 250 Cases of Cranberries · 1,000 gallons of Gravy · 1,000 lbs of Apples · 1,000 lbs of Pumpkin · 1,200 lbs of Cheese · 6,000 lbs of Cornbread Stuffing

Now that's Really Tons of Fun!

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