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Tennessee Presidents

Presidents from Tennessee


Tennesseans can have three times the fun celebrating President's Day every year because to date, there have been a three Tennesseans that have held the highest title of the country.

1. Andrew Jackson (1767-1845)

Photo Courtesy of the Library of Congress
Our 7th President, Andrew Jackson was president from 1829-1837 and is buried alongside his beloved wife Rachel, just east of Nashville at his home simply entitled The Hermitage.

2. James K. Polk (1795-1849)

Photo Courtesy of the Library of Congress
Our 11th President, James K. Polk was President from 1845-1849. James K. Polk was originally buried at his home, Polk Place, in downtown Nashville until 1893 when his body was moved a short distance to grounds of the Tennessee State Capitol . Today you can find his Ancesteral Home just south of Nashville in Columbia.

3. Andrew Johnson (1808-1875)

Photo Courtesy of the Library of Congress
Our 17th President, Andrew Johnson held office from 1865-1869 and is buried in Greenville at the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site near his home. The President Andrew Johnson Museum and Library museum is located a short distance away at Old Tusculum College.

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