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Walking Tour of Lower Broad


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Acme Feed & Rock Bottom
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1st & Broadway

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2nd & Broadway

Upon crossing 3rd Avenue, we have several more Honky-Tonks with all offering plenty of atmosphere.

We also have Broadway Gifts, one of the many places downtown to buy that special Nashville memento, or just plain cheesy ashtray.

Two clothiers finish out this block, Kelly's Western World and Trail West, both offering duds and accessories to bring out the cowboy or cowgirl in us all.

As we cross 2nd Avenue, we have the Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery, You will be lucky if you can muster up the will power to smell the aromas of their cooking and be able to pass them by.

We finish out the block with the Old Acme Feed Store, a turn of the century establishment, which sold many a bag of grain before the more localized Co-op, and Tractor Supply stores were ever thought of.

At 1st Avenue and Broadway we have Nashville's Riverfront Park, which hosts an outdoor venue for summer concerts, an unbelievable 4th of July fireworks and a docking area along the Cumberland River.

Just across the River you will see LP Field, home to the Tennessee Titans football team. and off to the right you will see the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge.

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