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Walking Tour of Lower Broad


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Nashville Visitors Center
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Nashville Arena

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5th & Broadway

The history of Music City began with humble beginnings. In the 1930's Jimmy Rodgers grabbed a guitar and started singing, someone started recording and soon afterward Jimmy realized his fame. Since then, Nashville has seen a steady stream of people with the same dreams and desires and they all seem to find their beginnings on Lower Broad.

Lower Broadway consists of 4 blocks filled to the brim with live country music venues, restaurants, and businesses. Most all of the buildings have some historical significance but all will surely keep you entertained.

Our tour starts at 5th Avenue South heads down to the Cumberland River then back up to 5th Avenue.

Our first stop is at the corner of 5th Avenue and Broadway at the Nashville Arena which is also home to the Nashville Visitor's Center, as well as the Nashville Predators Hockey Team. This venue boasts some of the largest concerts and events to be found in Downtown Nashville.

Here you will find Tourism information and all the Brochures detailing the many attractions that Nashville has to offer. Make sure that you grab your free maps of Nashville along with a few free coupons books too.

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