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Legend of the Tennessee Bell Witch - The Bell Witch Returns

Tennessee Bell Witch - The Bell Witch Returns


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Sometime in 1821, as the Bell family sat around the fireplace, something burst forth in a loud explosion. The witches voice exclaimed, "I am going, and will be gone for seven years, goodbye to all". The Bell family was finally able to find peace after four long years of unbearable torment.

As foretold, the witch returned in 1828, but not to the home of John Bell, but to the home of his namesake John Bell Jr.

The Bell Witch spent the next few months in discussion with John Jr. It is said that he did not try to hide his disdain for the witch for what she had bestowed on his family. The witch talked of philosophy and prophesies. It is said that she predicted the beginnings of the Civil War. The witch left again vowing to return in one hundred and seven years. There are no known documents of her return in 1935.

Although the witch has yet to return, some believe that she never left at all. In and around the town of Adams Tennessee; strange occurrences have continued to happen since the Bell Witch first appeared. Strange lights and sounds in the meadows of the old John Bell farm, strange images from pictures taken in the area. There is a cave located on the old John Bell farm. The current owners provide guided tours when the weather permits. Many people report strange noises and aberrations in the cave and the path leading to it.

Many locals, especially, children will no doubt remember being told that if you did not believe in the Bell Witch just go into the bathroom and turn off the lights, hold a flash light up to the mirror and recite "There is no such thing as the Bell Witch" over and over, and you will find your answer.

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