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Tennessee Bell Witch - Legend of the Tennessee Bell Witch

Legend of the Tennessee Bell Witch - History of the Bell Witch


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With the success of such films as The Blair Witch Project, Poltergeist, and many others over the years, it is evident that stories of the Paranormal strike a special interest in the human mind. From folklore to ghost stories to urban legends, we just can't seem to get enough of the eerie and unexplained.

Many of the stories we have today of witches and demons, are proven away by ever evolving scientific methods; many are simply the fictitious creations of gifted storytellers but, a very few cases defy explanation, other than an un-welcomed visitor from a darker world.

Situated some 45 miles north of Nashville, lays the quaint little town of Adams, Tennessee. Home to centuries old farming families, who produce three quarters of the worlds dark fired tobacco and home to one of the most documented hauntings; known to paranormal science.

Not just a simple shadow in the hallway, but a haunting from one of the most vicious verbally and physically abusive spirits, to ever wreak havoc on a family. From its first guttural utterances to its incessant ranting and beatings, a spirit who laid siege for almost four years on the family of John Bell, not willing to leave until it had delivered its patriarch to deaths door.

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