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Nashville History & Historical Sites

Nashville History and Historical resources, containing lots of useful information on most anything you want to learn about the History of Nashville, including Civil War Battle information,Genealogy,Antebellum Mansions, History of Downtown Nashville and much more.
  1. A Year of Nashville History (52)
  2. Civil War in Tennessee (7)
  3. History of Nashville (5)
  4. Nashville Historical Photos
  5. Nashville Historical Sites (24)
  6. Nashville Memories (9)

History of Nashville
A Historical look into the History of Nashville - from it's Earliest Days into the Turn of the Century and Beyond.

Nashville's Best Cheap & Free Historical Attractions
We've gathered up a list of some of the best Cheap & Free Historical Attractions to be found in Nashville from Museums to Parks there's something to be found for all kinds of history fans...even for the most frugal of folks!

Nashville's Best Antebellum Homes and Mansion Tours
A list of some of the best Antebellum Homes and Mansions that Middle Tennessee has to offer, all within an hour's drive of Nashville.

Nashville Historical Groups & Organizations
A list of some of the best Nashville Historical Groups & Organizations that Middle Tennessee has to offer.

Tennessee Historical Groups & Organizations
A listing of some of the best Tennessee Historical Groups & Organizations that the state has to offer, all offering a look into the history of Tennessee.

Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park - Photo Gallery
The Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park, one of Nashville's hidden gems, is a 19 acre park was built in honor of Tennnessee's 200th year of statehood and offers visitors a serene and captivating look into Tennessee history at every turn.

Explore & Learn Nashville
Learn all about Nashville from finding jobs and relocation information, exploring educational institutions, to learning about its history, Nashville lifestyles and daily living to taking a visual look at Nashville in one of the many photo galleries that Jan has compiled over the years. It's all here, everything one would ever want or need to...

Dying Ground of the Last Sabertooth
Was Nashville the dying ground of the Last Saber-Tooth Tiger? join us in this informative article and learn more about this Mighty Predator and its ties to Nashville NHL Hockey.

Grand Ole Opry - History & Music
An inside look at the history and music of the Grand Ole Opry from it's early beginnings as the Union Tabernacle Church to the present day at the Grand Ole Opry House.

Historic Fort Negley
Fort Negley was the largest fortification built by the occupying Union Army in Nashville, and the largest inland stone fort constructed during the Civil War.

Historic Nolensville Feed Mill: Rich with Music & History
The Nolensville Feed Mill is one of the oldest businesses, if not the oldest in Williamson County and has been in business for well over 100 years.

Historic Printers Alley
Take a look into the Back Door of Nashville to see its first Entertainment Hotspot. For over a Century offering satisfaction to the weary traveler seeking Wine, Women, and Song with a shade of Naughty.

Historic Ryman Auditorium
After the renaming of the Union Gospel Tabernacle to the Ryman Auditorium in 1910, the next few decades brought with it some rough times and many say that without one or two woman's dedication the Ryman Auditorium could have ceased to exist.

History of the Grand Ole Opry
What once started out just as a tool to sell insurance has transformed into one of the best and long lived country music radio shows in the nation, the Grand Ole Opry.

History of The Hermitage
Nashville About.com article describing The Hermitage, home of The 7th President of the United States, Andrew Jackson. Read about the history of the home and the Legacy of the Jackson family.

History of the Iroquois Steeplechase
The Iroquois Steeplechase has a rich history dating back to the pasture races in Middle Tennessee during the 1930s. It all began in 1936 when Marcellus Frost suggested to John Sloan, Sr. that a racecourse could be built in front of a hillside in Warner Parks in Nashville.

History of the Nashville Parthenon and the Tennessee Centennial
The history of the Parthenon and how it relates to the Tennessee Centennial Exposition.

History of the Sunday School Publishing Board
The administrators of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Incorporated, under the leadership of the Reverend Elias Camp Morris, established the Sunday School Publishing Board in Nashville.

History of the Union Gospel Tabernacle Church
Music fans all over the world recognize historic Ryman Auditorium as the traditional home of country music's Grand Ole Opry radio show but the charm of the Ryman goes way back to its beginnings and well before the Grand Ole Opry was ever thought of and to the history of the Union Gospel Tabernacle Church.

Loveless Cafe - The Tradition Continues
The Loveless Barn offers plenty of event flexibility along with a traditional southern flair that folks have come to expect from the Loveless. The Loveless Barn is, no doubt, another great addition not only to the Loveless property but to Nashville as well.

Marathon Motor Works
Read about the historical importance of the short lived "Marathon Motor Works", whose turn of the century automobiles held the distinction of being the only car made entirely in the south until the 1980's.

Moonpies & RC Colas
A history of the association of RC Cola and MoonPie, with a history and listing of special events honoring this Southern Tradition.

Nashville Bowling History
Read a short History of Bowling in Nashville

Nashville's Historic Germantown
Nashville's Historic Germantown is a wonderful part Nashville History and throughout the years it has continues to thrive and grow while continually representing it's unique historical roots and origins.

Tennessee Civil War History
A Historical Look into Civil War in Tennessee - a a war that would tear our state in two and pit family and friends against each other for the next few dark years.

Tennessee Presidents
To date, there have been three Tennesseans that have held the highest title of the country.

Tennessee State Capitol
The Tennessee Capitol Building was designed by architect William Strickland.

Tennessee State Capitol Hillside
The hillside below the capitol, which was once littered with run down shacks and shanties, but today is home to the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park.

Tennessee's Centennial Exposition
When Tennessee approached its 100-year anniversary, the state decided on a Grand Centennial Exposition.

Tennessee's Ole Time Auction
The Ole' Time Auction still lives in Tennessee. Read an Informative article describing the virtues of a Family activity of days gone by.

Visual Tour of the Parthenon
Take a visual Tour of the Parthenon that includes old photo's of the Tennessee's Centennial Exposition.

Walking Tour of the Bicentennial State Capitol Mall
The Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park, one of Nashville's hidden gems. This 19 acre park was built in honor of Tennnessee's 200th year of statehood and offers visitors a serene and captivating look into Tennessee history at every turn.

Walking Tour of Lower Broad
Walking tour of Nashville's lower broad with images and descriptions of the many interesting places that Nashville has to offer.

Walking Tour of the Hermitage: Home of President Andrew Jackson
A detailed walking tour though the home and grounds of the Hermitage: the Home of President Andrew Jackson and Rachel Donelson Jackson.

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