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Live Friday from the CMAfest Riverfront Stages

Boot Scootin' Brunch Show live at CMAfest Riverfront Stages


Live Friday from the CMAfest Riverfront Stages
Friday's Riverfront Show Review
Boot Scootin' Brunch Show
The show started a bit early this morning so we only got to hear Aaron Tippin perform, he sounded great this morning and sang all of his big hits. Some info about one of Aaron's songs that you might not know... Aaron co-wrote "Where Stars and Stripes" (and Eagles Fly) with Kenny Beard. They both donate 100% of their royalties for the song to the American Red Cross. It would be hard to find anyone with more patriotism, than Aaron Tippin, he is just an all around great guy who deserves more support than he gets.
A newcomer on the scene is Carmen Rasmusen. She is a sassy pretty blond with a good voice we really did enjoy what we saw of her.

Keni Thomas is a former military member who appears to be using this as his platform. He his a good looking dude who will appeal to the gals in a big way. He has a lot of talent and should go a long way. His last song was a gospel song, "Going to Glory Land" which was a highlight of his performance. Anyone who will do a gospel song during their show is O.K with us. Give this guy a good listen, we think you will like him, too.
Amy Dalley performed next and was just a cute as ever.

Next was Jon Randall, who is one of the co-writers of "Whiskey Lullaby" We have always liked Jon's blue grassy feeling to his songs. He still stays true to his country roots, though. For people who like "modern" traditional country, you would like Jon. He sang his latest single "Baby won't you come Home". He also did a duet that is on his new cd. On the recording he has Patty Loveless singing with him. Today he has his "interest", Jesse Alexander singing. They were a hit and this new duet is beautiful. Hopefully he will release it as his next single.

What can we say about Hilljack? Besides admitting that they are one of ourfavorite bands. The lead singer, Paul Jefferson, had a solo record deal a few years ago with his biggest song (and video) being "Check Please". Hilljack is a Texas style band with a kick all their own. Among the songs they did were "This Could Get Good", "My Side of Town", and the song from their video "I kissed Miss Mississippi" written by Paul supposedly based on a true experience he had with Trisha Yearwood. They performed a new song "Blackberry Jam" which is another upbeat kicking song they are known for. Their cd "Stand Up" can be purchased from their website. This band will be going only one way, and that is UP with capitol letters. Give them a listen. We think you will enjoy them as much as we do.

It was now Jesse Alexander's turn to take the stage. She looked beautiful as ever wearing a black tube top with long patchwork skirt. Among the songs she performed were "I Want to Believe It" and "Run Right Back". She closed with a rollicking rendition of "When Will I Be Loved"

Being CMAfest week we just had to take a break and leave for a few hours, missing the Hooked on Music and the Nashville Standard Show, to attend a fan club party or two.

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