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Dukefest - Nashville Music City Motorplex

Dukefest Roars into the Nashville Music City Motorplex


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What in the world are those orange cars with 01 painted on the side and a general lee flag on top that have been seen all around Nashville? They are of course over the 100 General Lee’s on display for fans to admire at DukesFest held annually at the Music City Motorplex.

DukesFest is a chance for all Dukes of Hazzard fans of all ages to come together to remember the great memories that the show gave us and yes also to meet the cast who were in public together for the first time in many years. Bo, Luke, Daisy, Enos, Cooter, Roscoe, and Cledus were all on hand signing autographs and taking pictures for the 100,000 fans.

Fans travel from as far away as London to see their favorite stars. I managed to ask John Schneider how it felt to be reunited with the cast. John said “It’s great to be reunited with this cast but it’s even better to be reunited with these fans!!” To help shed some light on how popular this event was, there were fans in line at 3:00 a.m. Friday morning to get in the autograph line for their favorite Dukes character.

The event is full of bands, wrestling, BMX stunt shows, general lee rides, stunt shows, lawnmower races and who could forget the parade of generals. It's truly a sight to see!! There's also a silent auction that went on that auctioned off autographed items from NASCAR drivers, country stars, and football players. The biggest item was the 1989 Cadillac that belonged to Marty Stewart. Each night the cast of the show takes to the stage to sing and entertain the fans. I was surprised to see how many kids were at the festival. There were almost as many kids as there were adults. It was nice to see that they had a children’s area set up where the kids could play and let the adults rest for a bit.

While DukeFest was a lot of fun for the fans it was not without it’s problems. Saturday the fire marshal had to come and stop people from entering the exhibit hall where the stars were signing autographs. They were over capacity and a fire hazard. There were a lot of irate fans. I have to give Ben Jones (Cooter) credit though. After finding this out he went around and gathered the cast and they all went to the trackside stage to sing a song for the fans and to publicly apologize to the fans who were disappointed.

While there are still a few little bugs that need to be worked out for next year it was still a great festival and great to see the cast reunited.

Note on the Music City Motorplex:
If you are taking children or you are with an individual in a wheelchair it’s not going to be much fun for you to try and get into the stands. From what we saw they are not stroller or handicap accessible and that made it hard for a lot of people.

Article Written & Submitted by Nora Mayor

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