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ICE! - Opryland's Winter Wonderland

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Ice Slide Room

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The Bottom Line

ICE! is a must see!
This Winter Wonderland makes the children's eyes sparkle in amazement.
The children will go wild when the see the magical slides in the Christmas Castle and, actually, so do a few of the adults.
ICE! is a great way to spend a few stress-free hours with the entire family.


  • A Real Wonderous Winter Wonderland Adventure
  • Nearly 2 Millon Pounds of Beautifully Sculpted Ice
  • Great for Children..they love it!
  • It's self guided, so you can go at your own pace.
  • You can order Tickets online at Ticketmaster.com


  • Brrrr Brrr...Need we say more..It's Cold...
  • Weekends are busy so expect to wait a little.
  • Weekend Rates are a few dollars higher than weekdays.
  • Make sure to bring your own gloves.


  • Country Home - an old fashioned Country Home on Christmas Eve.
  • Christmas Castle - a magical play land, featuring the ever popular ice slides.
  • Santa's Toyland - a magical, icy machine-age toy factory where guests can even pose with Santa.
  • Winter Forest- a tranquil environment, featuring a running waterfall and twinkling stars.
  • Country Church - a Herald angel is beautifully set against a rustic church facade.
  • Nativity -one of the world's most beautiful and inspirational renditions of the Nativity.

Guide Review - ICE! - Opryland's Winter Wonderland

Arriving at ICE, we were given big blue parka's, (trust us you will need the parka because the temperatures run about 10 degrees below freezing). We were then escorted over to have a memory photo taken then off we went into this magical world of ice.

There are a total of six different exhibits (see above) and each one of them has their own very distinct and impressive displays of ice sculptures ranging from the simplicity of a cat sitting on a piano stool to the massive Christmas Castle which hosts two huge toy soldiers guarding the steps.

Going from exhibit to exhibit we were amazed at the intricate works on display...It really is incredible and be assured the entire family, young to old, will enjoy this experience.

Our favorite exhibit was the Nativity Scene. It's a sight to behold and is very reminiscent to a Waterford Crystal Nativity display, only life size. If you ask any of the children they would most definitely say the ice slides can't be topped.

At the end of our journey, we exited in to a grand gift shop and cafe, where we were helped off with our parka and all of the children were given snacks. Also, on display, were our memory photos which were available to purchase.

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