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Touring Tennessee Wineries - Tennessee Winery Tour Guide

A Guide to Touring Tennessee Wineries


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© Jan Duke
Touring Tennessee Wineries
Over the last 20 years Tennessee has become know for more than its "Moonshine" and Whiskey. It's becoming known for its wine.
This is not the first time in history that Tennesseans have tried their hands as commercial wine makers, they got off to a grand start in the late 1800's, in fact they made wines that won a number of gold medals at wine-tasting competitions. Their success was short-lived as prohibition came into law in 1909.

When prohibition was repealed nearly 30 years later, local whiskey makers and others flourished yet the wineries failed to catch on the bandwagon.

Yet, locals kept making Blackberry wine and other various selections for themselves and their friends as they had since the beginnings of Tennessee time, but the commercial wineries never reappeared until another 40 years down the road, when in the 1980's they began to make a serious comeback.

Today, Tennessee now has over 25 wineries in operation and several are producing national and international awards.

We've found the best of the best when it comes to Tennessee Wine, from locations of local wineries across the state, to the local events and festivities in the Middle Tennessee Area. We've also listed some of the best national wine websites available on the web, from references sites to interactive sites.

Finding Tennessee Wine - A Listing of Tennessee Wineries by Region

Middle Tennessee Wineries
East Tennessee Wineries
West Tennessee Wineries

Annual Wine Events in Middle Tennessee - A listing of local wine events and festivals held annually in the middle Tennessee Region

A Toast To Tennessee
Website: www.atoasttotennessee.com
This annual spring wine festival event, normally held in May, features free samples from Tennessee wineries selling their product by both the bottle and case.
Live music all day! Artisans & specialty foods! Free parking!
A designated drivers discount is offered.

Wine On The River
Website: www.wineontheriver.com
Wine on the River, the first event ever held on the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge, continues it's annual wine tasting festival every fall overlooking the Downtown Nashville Skyline. Wine offerings include hundreds of wines, from all around the world. Live music & specialty foods are available onsite.
A designated drivers discount is offered.

Wine On The WestSide
Website: wineonthewestside.com
Wine Festival features over a dozen Wineries from the great State of Tennessee as well as offering plenty of food, art, music, education, and associated activities to enjoy and participate in at the Festival. Wine sampling and purchases are also available on-site.
This Festival annual event is a fund raiser that supports the Bryan Symphony Orchestra and WestSide Business Association to further the Arts Culture in Cookeville along with the continued development of the Historic WestSide.
A designated drivers discount is offered.

Wine Over Water
Website: www.wineoverwater.org
Wine Over Water is held in late September in Chattanooga on the Walnut Street Bridge Offerings that include wine selections from all corners of the globe.
Live music & specialty foods are available onsite for purchase.
No designated drivers discount is listed.

Local Wine Resources - A listing of local Tennessee wine resources, filled with information just for a Tennessee Wine Lover.
Tennessee Farm Winegrowers Association

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