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Davidson County Utilities

Davidson County Utilities Information


Davidson County Utilities
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Whether you're moving from just across town or from across the country, these local utility companies will ease the transition for any new resident into their new Davidson County home.

Company: Nashville Electric Service
Website: www.nespower.com
Phone: 615-736-6900

Company: Metro Water Services
Website: www.nashville.gov/water
Phone: 615-862-4600

Natural Gas:
Company: Piedmont Natural Gas Company
(formally Nashville Gas)
Website: www.piedmontng.com
Phone: 615-734-0734 / 800-752-7504

Cable TV:
Company: Comcast
Website: www.comcast.com
Phone: 615-244-5900

Residential Telephone:
Company: AT& T (formally Bellsouth)
Website: www.att.com
Website: www.bellsouth.com
Phone: 1-888-757-6500

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