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Kicktone Country Tailgate Party

Kicktone Country Tailgate Party


A Nashville style writers' night was recreated under the tent, on Saturday, by the self-proclaimed group titled "A Cowgirl, A Diva, & A Shameless Hussy." More simply translated into Becky Hobbs, Kacey Jones, and Benita Hill. While they may not be familiar names to some, all three of these women have an incredible catalog of music to offer up. Hobbs' writing credits include "I Want To Know You (Before We Make Love)" (Conway Twitty), "Angels Among Us" (Alabama) and she had her own success on country radio in the eighties with "Jones On The Jukebox." Jones' had the group Ethel & the Shameless Hussies, also in the eighties, and wrote the title track to John Michael Montgomery's "Home To You." And Benita Hill's country ties come in the form of Garth Brooks' hits on "Two Pina Coladas" and "It's Your Song" even though her main foray is more in jazz and blues music. Jack Scott brought in up and coming songwriters that he features in Writers' Nights throughout Nashville.

While a lot of these acts do have major label support, definitely make sure you don't discount those who have independent or even self-release projects. There was some incredible talent at this event that we should all be hearing a lot from in the coming months.

Glenn Kilburn and his group put this amazing line-up together in just about a month. Just imagine what they can do with the lead-time they have for the 2005 event! There were many more acts than we could even mention here. Check out the schedule and see what you missed, then bookmark it and check back just before the CMA Festival week next year so you won't miss anything else!

Article Written & Submitted by Michelle Durham

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