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Blue County

Blue County Scores at the CMA Music Festival


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Blue County

© Jan Duke
The People at Curb Records haven't really made a big splash of publicity on their latest duo, Blue County. That's because they haven't had to. Aaron Benward and Scott Reeves have been making a huge splash all on their own! This was made very evident during the CMA Music Festival of 2004.

They kicked off the week with the annual City of Hope Celebrity Softball game. Then they made a pretty good showing at the ATV Rodeo finishing only four seconds behind duo Montgomery Gentry, who won the event held in the CMA Sports Zone.

Everywhere the boys appeared, there was a swarm of girls to follow. The boys held their first official fan club party where plenty of "Blue Crew" members packed into Tootsie's on Broadway. From the sound of it, they possibly broke some fire code rules!

The guys were in high demand all week. Performing acoustic sets on WSM's Live at the Ryman series as well as XM Satellite Radio's series held in the Ford Theater at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Then performing a rocking 20-minute set on the Riverfront Park Stage on Saturday. About halfway through the set, Benward apparently decided that he wasn't close enough to the fans. He took a leap off the stage and joined the crowd that was singing every word right along with him. The return to the stage wasn't quite as graceful, seeing as how it was a good five and a half feet off the ground, but somehow he got back up there rolling over on the stage as he landed.

Their booth at the Convention Center featured televisions playing two versions of their latest video for "That's Cool." Not only were they playing the black and white version but also a color version of the same video. The guys were so popular that CMA employees had quite a time condensing the crowd into what was deemed as "their area." There were so many fans clamoring to see Blue County that they were spilling into exhibitor areas two booths away.

They seemed to impress fans that attended the sold out NBC Daytime After Hours Party at the Wildhorse Saloon as well, performing along with headlining group Lonestar. The event featured stars from NBC soaps "Days Of Our Lives" and "Passions."

If you weren't at a show where Blue County was during the CMA Festival, then you need to at least check them out to see what all the fuss is about. After all, that many "good little girls" can't be wrong!

Submitted by Michelle Durham

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