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This Week in Nashville History

Week 51: December 17th – December 23rd


Courtesy Library of Congress

U.S. Grant

December 17th
-General Ulysses S. Grant issues orders expelling Jews from Tennessee on December 17th, 1862.
-Bridgestone Arena opened on December 17th, 1996

December 18th
Work begins on the Natchez Trace Thouroughfare in December of 1801.

December 19th
Local Nashville Attorney, one of the countries most influential men, Felix Grundy dies on December 19th, 1840.

December 20th
December 20th, 1926 marked the beginning of one of the wettest weeks in Nashville History with over 10 inches of rainfall recorded.

December 21st
Country Artist, Freddie Hart is born on December 21st, 1926.

December 22nd
The father of Tennessee history, Judge John Haywood dies on December 22, 1826. He was the founder of the Tennessee Antiquarian Society and authored several historical books.

December 23rd
Captain Tom Ryman dies on December 23rd, 1904.

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