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This Week in Nashville History

Week 48: November 26th–December 2nd


This Week in Nashville History

Vanderbilt University

Courtesy Library of Congress
November 26th
Joe Nichols was born on November 26th, 1976.

November 27th
-Samuel Davis was born in Rutherford County on October 6, 1842. After being convicted as a spy, Sam stated with his last words that "I would die a thousand deaths before I would betray a friend," and was hanged on November 27, 1863.
-Vanderbilt played and won its first inaugural football game at Athletic Park on Nov. 27, 1890.
-Nashville's First Baseball game at Sulpher Dell is played on November 27th, 1785.

November 28th
-Red Grooms' Tennessee Fox Trot Carousel opens November 28th, 1998 at Riverfront Park.
-Marty Stuart joined the Grand Ole Opry on November 28th, 1992.

November 29th
WSIX TV (ABC) begins broadcasting in Nashville on November 29th, 1953.

November 30th
Battle of Franklin takes place on November 30th, 1864.

December 1st
-The Vine Street Church, located on 7th Avenue, was dedicated on December 1st, 1890.
-Elvis Presley records Heartbreak Hotel for RCA in Nashville on December 1st, 1956.

December 2nd
Mark R. Cockrill, known as "Wool King of the World" from the awards he received for his Tennessee-bred sheep, was born December 2, 1788.

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