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This Week in Nashville History

Week 46: November 12th - November 18th


This Week in Nashville History

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

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November 12th
Elvis Presley was voted "Most Promising Country and Western Artist," by Billboard magazine in 1955.

November 13th
Richard Clayton, an aeronaut, made a successful balloon ascension into Nashville on the 13th of November in 1841. Another skyward event occurred earlier that day in the form of an early morning meteor shower.

November 14th
Local banking and brokerage firm of Caldwell and Company declares bankruptcy on November 14, 1930 and in response, 120 more banks across the South go under.

November 15th
Wynonna made her acting debut on TV's "Touched By An Angel," on this day in 1999.

November 16th
On November 16th, 2000, live music was presented for the first time at the new Country Music Hall of Fame.

November 17th
-On November 17th, 2003, musican, Don Gibson dies in Nashville at 75.
-Glen Oak, former home of the Rev. Charles Tomes, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on November 17th, 1983 Rev. Tomes had four church pews built in front of a Church street church in the mid 1800's when a heated argument errupted over paying church pew rentals.

November 18th
Sumner County is established and was named after Revolutionary War General, Jethro Sumner on November 18th, 1766.

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