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This Week in Nashville History

Week 4: January 22nd - January 28th


This Week in Nashville History

Nashville Flood

Courtesy Tennessee State Archives
January 22nd
-On January 22, 1999, Downtown Clarksville is struck by an F3 tornado before dawn leaving massive destruction in its wake.
-Alfred Leland Crabb, born on January 22, 1884, was best known for his trilogy of historical novels published between 1942 and 1945 and memorably titled for Nashville landmarks: Dinner at Belmont, Supper at the Maxwell House, and Breakfast at the Hermitage.

January 23rd
President Harrison appoints a local Nashvillian, Howell Jackson as an associate justice to the Supreme Court on January 23rd, 1902.

January 24th
A cold front hits Nashville sending Temperatures dropping down an astonishing 63 degrees to -26 degrees on the morning of January 24th, 1963.

January 25th
The Hermitage Hotel opens for business on January 25th, 1910.

January 26th
The Cumberland River floods on January 26th, 1935 in Nashville.

January 27th
-The Cumberland River freezes enough on January 27th, 1940 that residents can walk across it.
-Former Nashville Mayor, Richard H. Fulton, was born in Nashville on January 27th, 1927.

January 28th
Harvey's Department Store, located in downtown Nashville, closes it's doors for the last time on January 28th, 1984.

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