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This Week in Nashville History

Week 7: March 5th - March 11th


Courtesy Library of Congress

Civil War in Nashville

February 12th
Stephen H. Sholes, industry executive and member of the Country Music Hall of Fame was born today in 1911.

February 13th
-The city of Nashville was lighted by gas on February 13th, 1851.
-General Hospital Soap Star, Sharon Wyatt, was born in Lebanon on February 13th, 1953.
-Battle of Ft Donelson begins today in 1862, and last three days.

February 14th
Country Artist,Kathy Mattea married songwriter Jon Vezner on February 14th, 1988.

February 15th
Local Politician, John Bell, also known as "The Great Apostate of Tennessee", was born near Nashville on February 15, 1797.

February 16th
General Grant broke the Confederate line on February 16, 1862. He captured Fort Donelson on the Cumberland River and declared martial law.

February 17th
In 1965,the Tennessee Legislature declared "The Tennessee Waltz" the state song.

February 18th
On the February 18th, 1862 troops destroyed the Suspension Bridge and the Railroad Bridge during the night.

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