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Rural Middle Tennessee in the Autumn - Nashville - About.com
A Pictorial View of Rural Middle Tennessee in the Autumn.
Middle Tennessee Autumn & Halloween Photos
A Pictorial View of Rural Middle Tennessee in the Autumn, simply entitled "Happy Fall Y'all" takes one through the landscapes, places and wonders that can all ...
Special Event Venues - Nashville - About.com
Nashville Tennessee Large Group Facilities index has a list of Private and Public ... The Old Spencer Mill is located in a rural setting, just west of Nashville and ...
Van Jones Profile - Environmental Issues - About.com
Ads. &ensp. &ensp. &ensp. Van Jones was born in 1968 in rural Tennessee. He grew up in Jackson, Tennessee, a small town about 90 miles east of Memphis.
Butterfly Hollow Bed and Breakfast - Nashville - About.com
Driving down the country roads to Butterfly Hollow gives you a great representation of rural Tennessee life. Along the road you will see everything from an old ...
The Battle of Shiloh | American Civil War Battle - 19th Century History
The Battle of Shiloh was an early and very significant battle in the Civil War. Fought in an obscure location in rural Tennessee, the battle was the first clash of  ...
The Confederate Surprise Attack at the Battle of Shiloh
The Battle of Shiloh, in rural Tennessee, began on April 6, 1862 when Confederate troops attacked the Army led southward by General Ulysses S. Grant.
Owen Farm Fall Festival - Nashville - About.com
Owen Farm is a super friendly farm that offers a look into rural Tennessee's farm life and features Hayrides, a corn maze, a pumpkin patch, farm animals, and ...
Bessie Smith - (1894-1937) Bisexual Blues Singer - Empress of the ...
Bessie Smith was born poor in Chattanooga, Tennessee. ... Bessie Smith died in September 1937, killed in a car crash on her way to a gig in rural Tennessee.
Profile: Isaac Hayes - Oldies Music - About.com
Born into a family of cotton pickers in rural Tennessee, Isaac Hayes was raised by his grandparents after his birth parents died in a car accident when he was still  ...
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