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                  Little Johnny and the Acid

Little Johnny is sitting on the curb and he has a small bottle of acid, which he is pouring on ants as they walk along the pavement.With each drop, the ants are transformed into a little poof of smoke.

A Preacher walks by and notices what is going on, and asks Johnny what he is doing. 

Johnny :..."I've got me some magic water and I'm pouring it on these ants."

Preacher :..."Johnny, I've got magic water at the church". 

Johnny :..."Can it turn ants into water?"

Preacher :..."No, but once I rubbed some on a woman's belly, and 9 months later she passed a baby."

Johnny :..."That's nothing Preacher, I rubbed some of this on my cats butt and he passed a motorcycle."

submitted by: Fred

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