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Nashville Star 2 - The Top Twenty Contestants

Contestant Bios


Heather Green Photograph

Heather Green

Richard Drinkard

Top Twenty Contestants are as follows:

Anessa Andrews
Anessa was born in Oklahoma, yet now lives in Tennessee. Anessa performed regularly at The Oklahoma Opry.
Anessa also graduated from the same highschool as Kelly Coffey in Oklahoma City. She finished school as a medical transcriptionist and is currently working full time in a Radiology medical office. She is engaged to be married in 2004.

Anessa auditioned for last season's Nashville Star series. She made it to the top 25 and at this year's auditions, Robert Oerman let her know that they had made a mistake last year by not picking her.

Eddie Barber
Eddie was born in Houston Texas and grew up just outside of Frankfort Kentucky. Eddie is a good ole country fellow, growing up he worked in the Kentucky Saw Mills as well as his families cattle and tobacco farm.
Eddie has always dreamed of writing and singing Country Music, but his Dad, thinking that Eddie's carrer choice was bit far-fetched, brought Eddie to Nashville, last summer, to sow his "Wild Oats".

Dad soon relaized the extent of Eddie's talent, after seeing the crowd's reaction at places like The Bluebird Cafe and Tootsie's.

In the Nashville regionals, Eddie performed "You Ain't Much Fun, since I quit Drinking". After his performance, Robert K. Oerman said, "He was in Country Heaven".

George Canyon
George's Forum Board
George has been a professional performer for over a decade. He hails from Nova Scotia, Canada and is the co-owner of Riverfront Studios located in New Glasgow. George Canyon and his deep traditional sounding voice, took the Canadian Country Music scene by storm in 1999, with a video on CMT, titled "Her Everything.

Canyon's first three singles from his self-titled debut album, recorded in Nashville, charted in the Top 10 on CMT in Canada. He has, on at least one occasion, performed at the Grand Ole Opry.

Brad Cotter
Brad was born in Opelika, Alabama and now lives in Nashville. He is a very well respected demo singer.Brad has in the past played with Dr. Hook & The Byrds, Vertical Horizon, Brother Cain, John Anderson, and Lori Morgan.
After his Nashville regional performance, of "Love Somebody Like You", Robert K Oerman said that Brad was more of a songwriter than an artist. Maybe Robert K knew that Brad has, in the past, written with Connie Harrington, one of Nashville's most prolific award winning songwriters.

Gregory Delang
Gregory is originally from the San Angelo, Texas area. She lives in Nashville Area since 1995.

Gregory's first professional singing job, at the age of 8, was singing for passengers on the Texas Export Railroad with her sisters. Gregory is currently working on her first album.

Heather Green
Heather currently lives in Huntsville, Alabama; she has a good modeling career going, as well as an acting career, and a music career.

Some of her credits include; Lead female role in Diamond Rio's "Beautiful Mess" video: "Stroke of Genius" movie, due out only weeks after the premier of Nashville Star.

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