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Tennessee Strawberry Festivals

Strawberry Festival Time in Tennessee


When the month of May finally arrives in Tennessee, that only means one thing. It's Strawberry Festival Season. If you are a true Strawberry Lover, treat yourself to one of the many Strawberry festivals that Tennessee has to offer; you wont be disappointed

Strawberry Festival season in Tennessee is held during the month of May, so it is celebrated through out the state in grand style.

There are three major Strawberry Festivals in Tennessee: West Tennessee Strawberry Festival, Tennessee Strawberry Festival, and the Middle Tennessee Strawberry Festival.

  • West Tennessee Strawberry Festival
    Humboldt Tennessee
    More than 100,000 persons attend this week-long festival. Make sure to stop by the West Tennessee Historical Strawberry Festival Museum, located on Main Street about 45 minutes south of Nashville, which includes Strawberry memorabilia of past festivals dating back to 1934.

  • Dayton Tennessee Strawberry Festival
    Dayton Tennessee
    Strawberry Festival highlights include tasting the longest Strawberry Shortcake, pie and baking contest, derby car races, music, carnivals and food vendors.

  • Middle Tennessee Strawberry Festival
    Portland Tennessee
    One of the largest, long-standing Strawberry festivals in the state, this event offers parades, contests, concerts, fun-for-everyone activities and good things to eat. Located about 30 minutes North of Nashville

Strawberry Picking Tips

Here are some helpful common sense tips for the beginning the Strawberry Picker.

  1. The best time for Strawberry picking is in the morning. Strawberries are the easiest to pick when the fruit is cool.

  2. Be gentle when picking Strawberries-don't pull on them. Twist or snap the strawberry off about ¼ inch up the stem from the berry.

  3. Look for bright red, well-shaped fruit with a shiny luster, free of hard seedy tips. Once picked a berry will not continue to ripen.

  4. Make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen and a preferably a hat to avoid sunburn.

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